Rebuilding Together Sacramento - Helping Those in Need

It is a Core Value at MarketOne Builders, and that compassion was alive and well at the Fall 2013 Rebuilding Together Sacramento, held September 28, 2013.  This marks MarketOne’s 4th year participating in the Rebuilding Together Sacramento Fall Rebuild Day and House Captain! Mike Glancy and Jami Bulllivant volunteered to head this years project.

A Worthy Recipient

Earlia & R Z Durham were married for over 50 years and raised 7 children. Three of those children have passed away from cancer - the most recent one two months ago.  R Z was an Army Veteran who served time during the Vietnam War. Earlia was a school bus driver for the Sacramento City School District, before she retired.  Earlia had a stroke about a year ago (shortly after R Z passed away) and has since been confined to a wheelchair - due to paralysis.  Her home was inaccessible and she had been forced to live with her children. She is fiercely independent and would like to return to the home she has owned since 1957.

Much Needed Repairs

Under the careful watch our our team leader Mike Glancy, the Durham house received a lot of attention.  The accessibility issues to the house were corrected with a concrete ramp build to current codes, the exterior house and trim were painted, the interior received new doors, paint, plumbing and electrical repairs.   Several yard structures were wither repaired or removed to assure maintenance and upkeep will not be a factor in the future.


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