Congrats to our client, Redtail Technology, on the great feature!

Take a look inside Redtail Technology offices in Sacramento, where rocket wars, zombie hunts, and an open door dog policy embody the vibrant culture of the company.

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As the need for housing increases, MarketOne Builders takes our experience in building some of the region’s best commercial projects, to create multi-family homes in the urban core.

The first project under the MarketOne Multi-Family name will be Angelino Townhomes, a mixed-use project at 48th and J streets in East Sacramento.

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4801 J Street Final.jpg


The guys at MarketOne Builders strutted their stuff for WEAVE's Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event over the weekend. Our team had a great time supporting such an important cause!

 Congratulations to our team out at the industrial project in Tracy for completing the panel tilt today!M1B Concrete Team 05-07-18 copy.jpg

Demolition is underway on the site of a planned hotel in midtown Sacramento.

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Arch | Nexus SAC is Living Certified! What an exciting announcement for the Architectural Nexus team and for the Sacramento region.

Arch | Nexus SAC represents the 19th Living Certified project in the world by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). Of those 19, it is the first Living Certified project in California and the first anywhere that is an adaptive re-use of an existing building.

MarketOne Builders is proud and honored to have been involved in such an impactful project.

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The ripple effect of Golden 1 Center continues to expand as one of downtown's most promising blocks is set to get another boost with the massive renovation of a long-neglected structure and the addition of a fast-growing local tech firm...

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An indoor-outdoor link valued by many Sacramento region residents was an architectural goal for the Sacramento Kings' new home, Golden 1 Center.

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In early 2016 MarketOne Builders embarked on a project with Architectural Nexus to renovate an old print building into their new Sacramento office in the Historic R Street District. Built-in are sustainable features such as rain water harvesting, photovoltaic power, waste composting, and the building is free from materials deems harmful to the environment.

The project is now being profiled as one of the best real estate projects by the Sacramento Business Journal.

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1200 R Street was converted to an award winning office space from a 41-year-old former electrical warehouse. HGA is the largest tenant, occupying one side of the building and has recently been granted the prestigious LEED Gold Status.

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B Street Theater Breaks Ground

The B Street Theater broke ground today at their new location in downtown Sacramento, at the corner of Capitol and 27th Street.  The ceremonial shovels of dirt turned over today ends a long fundraising and financing effort, and begins a new and exciting time for the B Street Theater.  The project will include two theaters (a Thrust and Proscenium Theater) which will seat close to 600 patrons, and will have public lobbies, a restaurant and plenty of support / rehearsal space.  Construction is slated to being in June and plans to be open in the Winter of 2017.


MarketOne is proud to be part of the Power School move and expansion in Folsom, CA.


We love to see our clients doing great things in the spaces we build for them. Congratulations to the Jackson Laboratory, Bogle Family Winery, and B Street Theatre for earning this recent media coverage:


New therapies offer hope to cancer patients– The Sacramento Bee

Featured client: Jackson Laboratory

Jackson Laboratory produces the highest quality lab mice which are used throughout the nation for critical medical research. Our client played a vital role in a partnership with UC Davis to discover methods of treatment which offer new hope to cancer patients.

Jackson Laboratory, UC Davis expand research collaboration – Sacramento Business Journal

Featured client: Jackson Laboratory

In addition to its cancer research, Jackson Laboratory is earning attention for its expanded research collaboration between their Sacramento facility and UC Davis. This is an important partnership for both our client and UC Davis because it will maximize research dollars and has potential to lead to other fruitful collaborations in the future.


Clarksburg’s Bogle goes big, bold – The Sacramento Bee

Featured client: Bogle Family Winery

As demand increased,  “we had to decide whether to stay in the business and build a winery, or get out,” says Warren Bogle. Thankfully for wine lovers everywhere, our client took the first option and they expect to crush 38,000 tons of grapes this fall. Read how M1B is helping Bogle build a sustainable distribution network.


As final fundraising push begins, B Street Theatre boasts increased ticket sales –  Sacramento Business Journal

Featured client: B Street Theatre

During the final fundraising push to expand to their new 7th and Capitol location, our beloved community theater is seeing record profits and support. Expect new levels of theater fun once they make the move.



MarketOne Builders has earned media coverage recently, as well:


 Structural Philosophy – Acuity with James Fitzgerald – Comstock's

Join us for this throwback to 2013 as James shares his“structural philosophy” on CRE construction. His thoughts on sustainability and client relations still drive our business today.


Sacramento Builders are Rushing to the Bay – San Francisco’s Building Boom Creates Local Migration – Comstock's

In this Comstock’s article from 2014, James talks about the booming Bay Area construction market and why it’s a good time for builders to create a presence there. Read why San Francisco is “the nation’s top market for investment, development and housing” and how savvy construction companies are taking advantage.


Spotlight on: James Fitzgerald, Co-owner, MarketOne Builders – Sacramento Business Journal

Last year, James was interviewed about the expected development associated with the Downtown Entertainment Sports Complex and what the project means for builders, investors, and business owners in Sacramento. There are plenty of opportunities there, but also some less obvious challenges that James discusses. 


Newsmaker | Tom Ford – Sacramento Business Journal

Back in 2012, when the economic downturn still challenged CRE construction and the pressure was on for general contractors to find and retain business, Tom discussed key strategies for M1B. They included nurturing long-term professional relationships, diversifying business, and growing business through industry marketing. We still abide by these strategies today.


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At MarketOne Builders, we treasure the opportunities to work closely with clients who are as passionate about what they do as we are. When we work with an owner-builder as committed as the Bogle family, truly amazing collaboration is born. Bogle’s continued presence at planning meetings and on the jobsite allowed us to execute a project tailored to exact specifications. 

The Bogle winery is a true California gem. The Bogle family has farmed the Sacramento Delta for six generations, and continues to craft wine that is respected and enjoyed around the world. Since 1989, Bogle wines have won over forty gold awards in regional, national, and international competitions.

The beautiful Clarksburg region is renowned by winemakers everywhere, and 16:16:29

For our part, MarketOne brought a close relationship with local authorities to the table. Our history of working with the city of West Sacramento, PG&E, and AT&T allowed us to anticipate the needs of the permit processes that happen for every construction project. We employed this knowledge to anticipate project hurdles and we completed the project a full month ahead of schedule. We were delighted to hear what Bogle’s project manager, Ryan Luttrell, had to say about working with us on this project, “MarketOne Builders continues to do the right thing and they have a great team to work with.” 


Congratulations to the Bogle family for bringing their beloved wines one giant step closer to the heart of California.

The beautiful Clarksburg, CA region is renowned by winemakers everywhere, and with the new centralized storage and distribution center in West Sacramento, Bogle can bring their famous product to consumers while upholding their mission of sustainability and low environmental impact.

What was goal of the project?

The goal of the project was to build a distribution center that was easier access for Bogle instead of going all the way to Clarksburg.


Was there anything especially complex about the project?

The whole project was pretty straightforward. The most complicated part was the permitting process, which isn’t uncommon. A major complexity was mostly in the inclement weather in the wintertime that we had to fight against.

One unique challenge we did face was integrating the insulated metal panel (IMP) with the concrete masonry units (CMU) predominantly in an area that was till-death concrete construction. These panels help to lower energy and maintenance costs overtime.


Did your prior experience working with the city helped with the permit process?

Absolutely. There was a relationship formed the previous year with the City of West Sacramento that helped move things along with permitting. West Sacramento is an ideal place for a distribution center like Bogle’s, and we were happy to get to work with the city again.

The project finished up about a month early. What kind of planning was done at the beginning stages of the project that helped?

Planning for the infrastructure from PG&E and AT&T was our biggest hurdle. PG&E and AT&T have certain processes in place that require different release times for different phases of their process. Once their application is submitted, it can take several months to go through plan review and then proceed to construction. There had been experiences with this in the past and we knew to file ahead of time.

Bogle really values sustainability. Did this project play into this value in terms of long-term goals? 

Bogle’s plan was really to have an accessible distribution center closer to adjacent freeways. Having a large distribution center at a central hub instead of all the way out in Clarksburg will allow them to ship more wine to more parts of the country in an efficient way.


What are the benefits to working closely with the a family-owned business?

It was very encouraging to have the Bogle family so involved in the weekly meetings. They would come out to the jobsite weekly and watch the progress. A lot of people are building for someone else to occupy, and this was an owner-builder, so they had a vested interest in the outcome. It’s very close to them; it’s their name and their family so it was fun to have them aboard.

 Chris Calvert, superintendent, Bogle Distribution Center Project, MarketOne Builders 

The new Entertainment Sports Complex in downtown Sacramento is generating considerable interest for investors looking to capitalize on the expected business influx. But, investors need to anticipate the challenges facing them.

Tom Ford, co-owner of MarketOne Builders, talks about the choices investors can expect to face when developing near the Downtown Arena.

What kind of improvements can an investor expect to spend money on while looking to move to downtown Sacramento to be close to the new Entertainment Sports Complex?

A possibility in any development area, especially K Street, even R Street, is that there is a limited amount of electrical service. Not in terms of supply, but of infrastructure.

So, there is a development cost associated with this kind of project. All facilities and infrastructure will have to be updated and pass inspection, so there’s a lot of offsite development that many people don’t necessarily consider. These can be big numbers. 

Downtown Arena - City of Sac.jpg   Photo by the City of Sacramento

Are these costs often unexpected for businesses purchasing these kinds of buildings? How does a general contactor help to mitigate these costs?

New investors may overlook these costs and a real estate agent may not know to investigate those development needs beforehand. That’s where the responsibility of the general contractor comes in.

Part of a good general contractor’s due diligence is looking at the behind-the-scenes, the technical details that many businesses may not know to consider when they’re looking toward the future of their project.

We aim to give a client an accurate picture of cost up-front, rather than allow us both to be surprised by infrastructure expenses down the line.    


Are there any reasons we might not see investment happen?

 It’s not so much the design dollars, it's what rents [investors] can get out of the project. If they can't get the rent that they need to make that investment, then they're not going to do it.

Now with the Entertainment Sports Complex generating interest Downtown, we’re starting to see businesses feel confident enough to put the money forward to start these development projects.

What advice would you give to business looking to invest in Sacramento? 

Hire someone who knows the area and the infrastructure. Hire someone who knows how make your investment go the farthest here.

With the Arena still under construction and some unanswered questions on what surrounding business development will look like, it is important for investors to partner with a local general contractor who is familiar with regional building regulations and will explore all the options.

Taking the time to explore regional builders and the value their specialized experience brings to the table is always a high-return investment.

Coming off its wildly successful championship season, the Sacramento Republic FC was facing the kind of problem most organizations dream of having. Demand for tickets was soaring. With just weeks to go before beginning their title defense, the team needed to add capacity at its Sacramento home, Bonney Field.

But it wasn’t just a matter of adding a few bleachers. Plumbing had to be rerouted. Electrical and fiberoptics had to been removed and installed. It would take more than 100 craft professionals -- plumbers, electricians, carpenters and engineers  -- all working together, working long hours and weekends to get ready for the April 11 home opener.


The team had to call someone who could handle the job and oversee the host of challenges, both tactical and regulatory, that come with such a complicated, multi-faceted job. They called on MarketOne Builders.

MarketOne Builders has years of experience in the Sacramento community dealing with these exact challenges. The project required a very specific set of skills, and among the most important was a relationship with the State of California and an understanding of their permitting and inspections process; a step that our team was familiar with having just completed the Covered California Headquarters project across the street on Exposition Blvd. 

In the end our team, along with Sacramento Republic FC, Lionakis and the CA State Fair Administration and the State Fire Marshal worked closely to deliver the authorizations needed, clearing the way for screaming fans to cheer the Sac Republic on to a 3-1 win in their home opener against LA Galaxy.


Photo from Sacramento Republic FC

Watch KCRA’s story about the expansion here. And follow us on Twitter for updates throughout the season.


After more than 25 years in the commercial construction industry, James Fitzgerald knows a thing or two about project leadership, and about leading a general contracting firm through thick and thin. Channeling a passion that started in a high school drawing class into building a thriving Northern California firm was a winding road, but Fitzgerald is proud of MarketOne Builders’s success, and anticipates more good things to come.

The first inkling of where Fitzgerald would go in life, he says, came in a high school drafting class in his junior year, when he was considering his future plans.

“I had a good teacher who said I had a real knack for technical drawing and an eye for design, and to consider architecture. He pointed me in the direction of what schools to look at, and Cal Poly was one of them.” Fitzgerald soon discovered the Construction Management program within the School of Architecture, which appealed to his desire to do more than just design projects, but rather to explore the diversity of work and knowledge that actual building provides.

Having "learned by doing" at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, Fitzgerald took his Construction Management degree, and thanks to a friend's recommendation, landed his first job with the general contracting firm Rudolph and Sletten. Inc. In 1992, after working a number of Bay Area projects, Fitzgerald was assigned to the Sacramento region to work on a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility for Alza. “The company owned a house in Citrus Heights, and they told me to check in with a guy named Tom Ford who was already up there.” Four years later Tom Ford left to start up MarketOne Builders, and two years after that, Fitzgerald joined up with him.  It was a strong friendship that had developed that brought them to do things on their own.

Telegis Batt Room copy.jpg

It would be a faststart for the new company. “When we first started it was the DotCom explosion and we had data center experience. There were a ton of sexy growth charts and loads of venture capital money - there was no end in sight” recalls Fitzgerald, “...and then we had the "DotBomb".  We had gone from 10 employees to 50 employees, $10 million a year to $50 million a year, and there was just no end in sight. Then, in 2000, it all driedup.” 


Telegis Data Center (first of many data center projects)

This adversity struck the national construction industry hard, laying to waste less resilient firms and businesses all over the country, and Sacramento took the hit especially hard. “We had to retool and we let a number of people go… we had literally been on the growth bandwagon with everyone else.  In 2000, there was a data center in Sacramento, we built it. 

This was a very trying time for two young entrepreneurs in construction, who went from being the fastest growing company in Sacramento to literally wondering where their next meal was coming from.

Tom_James_BusJournal.jpgJames Fitzgerald and Tom Ford, 1997 

By 2008, MarketOne Builders was ready to take on new projects that capitalized on their individual expertise, biotechnology. For example, Jackson Laboratory, a research institution from Maine, was looking to expand their facilities in Sacramento to better support the West Coast bio/pharma clients and to support their growth into Asia. Fitzgerald secured that contract, and still oversees projects for The Jackson Laboratory today. Since that time, and even through the Great Recession, MarketOne Builders has remained profitable by remaining nimble and working hard to protect their existing clients.

In 2012, M1B opened a Bay Area office, which felt like a natural expansion for San Mateo-native Fitzgerald. “We’ve got some pretty significant projects there that are a testament to our ability as a ground-up builder. We’re back to over 50 employees, and last year we completed $40 million in revenues.”

MarketOne Builders has established a long list of diverse client and completed projects, from complex technical facilities to high end office space. James Fitzgerald is proud of the work his team has accomplished over the past 18 years, and looks forward to the being on the ground floor of the reinvigoration of downtown Sacramento urban core and what it will bring to the region in 2015 and beyond.

Another great project completed!

In just under 14 weeks we worked  with our client, Dignity Health, to build out 8,000 SF of clinical space in a two-story commercial building at 1264 Hawks Flight Road in El Dorado Hills. The space includes an imaging room, procedure room, 8 doctor’s offices and 18 patient exam rooms. We provided complete scheduling, budgeting, site management, construction and implementation.

When the Downtown Sacramento Partnership asked us to participate in their first “Calling All Dreamers” competition we didn’t have to think twice. This competition was designed to inspire and attract entrepreneurial spirit to downtown Sacramento – something we at MarketOne are passionate about. The competition called for entries from aspiring entrepreneurs whose dream was to open their own business.

The best idea and business plan would win a package including a rent free store front in the 800 J lofts building and support services including tenant improvements. That’s where we jumped in, donating $10,000 in labor and services for one of the winners.

We are now working with winner, Andy Paul, future owner of Andy’s Candy Apothecary, whose dream of opening a “Best in Class” candy boutique is becoming a reality. We are creating a space for Andy that reflects his high quality brand in a sophisticated, urban storefront.

Construction will begin in September. We’ll keep you posted with photos of our journey with Andy over the next few months.