The beautiful Clarksburg, CA region is renowned by winemakers everywhere, and with the new centralized storage and distribution center in West Sacramento, Bogle can bring their famous product to consumers while upholding their mission of sustainability and low environmental impact.

What was goal of the project?

The goal of the project was to build a distribution center that was easier access for Bogle instead of going all the way to Clarksburg.


Was there anything especially complex about the project?

The whole project was pretty straightforward. The most complicated part was the permitting process, which isn’t uncommon. A major complexity was mostly in the inclement weather in the wintertime that we had to fight against.

One unique challenge we did face was integrating the insulated metal panel (IMP) with the concrete masonry units (CMU) predominantly in an area that was till-death concrete construction. These panels help to lower energy and maintenance costs overtime.


Did your prior experience working with the city helped with the permit process?

Absolutely. There was a relationship formed the previous year with the City of West Sacramento that helped move things along with permitting. West Sacramento is an ideal place for a distribution center like Bogle’s, and we were happy to get to work with the city again.

The project finished up about a month early. What kind of planning was done at the beginning stages of the project that helped?

Planning for the infrastructure from PG&E and AT&T was our biggest hurdle. PG&E and AT&T have certain processes in place that require different release times for different phases of their process. Once their application is submitted, it can take several months to go through plan review and then proceed to construction. There had been experiences with this in the past and we knew to file ahead of time.

Bogle really values sustainability. Did this project play into this value in terms of long-term goals? 

Bogle’s plan was really to have an accessible distribution center closer to adjacent freeways. Having a large distribution center at a central hub instead of all the way out in Clarksburg will allow them to ship more wine to more parts of the country in an efficient way.


What are the benefits to working closely with the a family-owned business?

It was very encouraging to have the Bogle family so involved in the weekly meetings. They would come out to the jobsite weekly and watch the progress. A lot of people are building for someone else to occupy, and this was an owner-builder, so they had a vested interest in the outcome. It’s very close to them; it’s their name and their family so it was fun to have them aboard.

 Chris Calvert, superintendent, Bogle Distribution Center Project, MarketOne Builders