In early 2016 MarketOne Builders embarked on a project with Architectural Nexus to renovate an old print building into their new Sacramento office in the Historic R Street District. Built-in are sustainable features such as rain water harvesting, photovoltaic power, waste composting, and the building is free from materials deemed harmful to the environment. Since the project's completion in December 2016, their new, self-sustaining office has won numerous awards, such as ENR's Best Green Project, and has successfully become Living Certified.

Arch | Nexus SAC represents the 19th Living Certified project in the world by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). Of those 19, it is the first Living Certified project in California and the first in the world that is an adaptive re-use of an existing building. Arch Nexus and its employees are truly making an impact on the environment and we would like to thank them for leading the way through their efforts.