Inflow Colocation Data Center

MarketOne Builders, Inc. was selected by Inflow for the construction of their 25,000 square foot Sacramento facility due to our experience of working with the Legacy Partners (landlord), familiarity with the building (1515 K Street) and our vast experience in the delivery of colocation facilities for other national clients. Significant modifications to accommodate Inflow's cooling and power loads were made to the building making this anything but a typical tenant improvement. A brand new, dedicated 1600-amp electrical service was brought to the building including a new utility vault while the construction activities were fed from the 'house power'. In addition, over 200 tons of additional cooling was added with condensers placed on the roof of this six-story building feeding the fan units on the first floor. Typical of Inflow's industry, this project was accelerated from the beginning to meet the need of their clients. Working with a strong team of subcontractors, MarketOne Builders, Inc. delivered this project on time and within budget.