Raging Wire Enterprise Data Center

MarketOne Builders, Inc. was selected for this fast-paced, highly technical project by RagingWire's management team due to our wealth of experience in building a strong team and our commitment to make this project a success. This state-of-the-art enterprise data center was the result of a design narrative prepared by Ellerbe-Beckett which provided the concept and design parameters for the project. It was then MarketOne Builders, Inc.'s task to assemble a group of qualified and driven design/build subcontractors and design professionals to make the schematic a reality. Typical of these types of projects, work began in the field prior to construction documents being finalized in order to meet the time sensitive schedule. MarketOne Builders, Inc.'s project team was able to meet the completion requirements for RagingWire within days of our original anticipated schedule further serving as a testament to our commitment to delivering projects on-time and within budget. The 90,000 square foot phase I opened for business in March 2001 with a targeted completion of the remaining 91,000 square feet in the following years.