B Street Theater on Capitol Avenue

MarketOne Builders is proud to be working with the B Street Theatre to begin construction of its new home this May at 27th and Capitol Avenue in midtown Sacramento. This exciting day comes after years of fundraising and community investment culminating this 100% local effort.  The project stakeholders, B Street Theater, Vrilakas-Groen Architects and local, community lender Five Star Bank have worked tirelessly to help secure plans and funding to push this exciting 43,000 square foot complex forward.  Home for one of the nation’s few fully professional theaters for children, the project will include two theaters with 615 seats, a café, and gathering spaces that will enrich the community and complement neighboring businesses. In its new theater, B Street will serve more than 20,000 additional children each year in the theater as well as at schools, hospitals, and social service programs. The economic impact of the theatre goes well beyond its walls by creating jobs and adding at least $40 million dollars over 5 years to the regional economy.

Since its humble beginning in 1986 as a traveling children’s theater, the B Street Theatre has grown and now serves nearly 300,000 people annually with 200,000 being children.  This equates to the theatre serving more children annually than The Crocker, Sacramento Ballet, Mondavi Center, Sacramento Theatre Company and Sacramento Philharmonic combined. The theatre continues to grow and recently expanded outreach to include ongoing playwriting workshops at Adult Day Reporting Centers and other community programs. Moving beyond the region, the B Street Theatre directs and performs a multi-year statewide school tour for thousands of students throughout California known as “Walk in Our Shoes,” which addresses and encourages student discussion and interaction about mental health challenges and stigma.  It is clear that the theatre has become one of the region’s most prolific performing arts organizations, performing up to 40 times per week throughout the year.

The Greater Sacramento Region has established itself as an emerging hub for art, innovation and economic growth. B Street Theater is one of California’s premier performing arts organizations and MarketOne Builders is proud to support this important organization.